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wish there was more

GOODNESS!! It has been a reallly hectic holiday season! Well we have chosen the winners of both the FANART contest and the short story contest. I want to thank everyone who jumped on the challenge so early on in the story! I just uploaded a few more pages into the manga. They have been waiting to be posted for a while, but I guess David and I have been more than busy to be able to upload it online. I am working on the next 3 or so pages right now, so hopefully those will be online soon.

I am more than excited about what's to come. in the down time from working on this, I have been keeping on top of honing my skillz and I can't WAIT to start drawing the final pages of chapter one! ELEANOR IS COMING! I can't wait to draw her. I think its because of my addiction to Haruhi Suzumiya... i love her....


posted by angryangryasian @ January 9th, 2010, 12:36 am   0 Comments